An Encouraging Word!


Your encouragement can have great power. One reason why is because everybody needs to be encouraged. The night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre, he was carrying:
-Two pairs of glasses.
-A small velvet eyeglass cleaner.
-An ivory pocketknife.
-A large handkerchief with “A. Lincoln” stitched in red.
-A tiny pencil.
-A brass sleeve button.
-A fancy watch fob.
-And a brown wallet with a Confederate five-dollar bill.

But Lincoln also carried 8 newspaper clippings that he had cut out and saved. All of those clippings praised him. Everybody needs encouragement.


Even Abraham Lincoln needed encouragement. I am sure you will come in contact with someone today who just needs a good word.  It is so easy to criticize and tear down the world around us. Words of encouragement are so many times at a premium.  Look for that person who needs a kind comment or pat on the back.  Be an encourager and lift their spirit.  In doing so, you will also encourage yourself. 

Proverbs  17:22   A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.



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