Back Again!

My last post was on December 1, 2011.  As I entered 2012, it became very difficult for me to work on the computer because of the growth of cataracts on both eyes.  The right eye was especially affected.  The result was that I stopped all blogging and other computer work until I could have surgery to remove the cataracts.  The surgery on my right eye went just fine and I was able to see clearly.  The surgery on my left eye was more complicated and required a second surgery so that I could see.  Now I am seeing almost perfectly and for the first time since I was in grade school I am able to see without corrective lenses.

I wear reading glasses only for the smallest of print or if the light where I am reading is very dim.  I am sure that I used to take my sight forgranted.  However with three surgeries this past year, I so appreciate the brightness and clarity of good eyesight.

I look forward to getting back to contributing to this blog and hope you will join with me in reading once again.

Keep Looking Up!


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