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This is Bible patterns and principles. My name is Dan R Crouch and I am the pastor of Fountain of Life Church in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We are a classic Pentecostal church that believes the Bible is the only true word of God and that salvation only comes through the person of God's son, Jesus Christ. I believe the most important decision in your life is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, repenting of your sins and giving your life to Jesus is the key to joy, peace and success in your personal life. At Bible patterns and principles. My goal is to help you find the peace and comfort God wants you to experience. Let's look at our verse for today. First Corinthians chapter 10 verse number 16 declares: The cup of blessing, which we bless. Is it not the communion of the blood of Christ, The bread which we break?

Is it not the communion of the body of Christ? It is the custom of Fountain of Life to celebrate the Lord's supper or what is called communion on the first Sunday of each month. It is celebrated by the serving of a wafer and a cup of grape juice to each believer present in the service. After meditating on the real meaning of the elements that are served, we eat the wafer and drink the juice as a remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. The communion is not held in high esteem by some because they do not want to be reminded that our salvation was purchased by the body and the blood of Jesus Christ, but without the broken body of our Lord and his shed blood, we have no salvation. The Bible says the stripes He bore on his body were born that we would not have to be punished for our sins.

He bore the beatings for us. His shed blood is the covering for our sins. The scripture States that without the shedding of his blood, there is no remission of sin. We are honored that we can celebrate communion because we are reminded of the high price that God paid for each of us. We are reminded of how much he loves us. I look forward to the communion each month at Fountain of Life it is a testimony of the salvation that Jesus has provided for us.

This has been Bible patterns and principles. My name is Dan R Crouch, sharing another Bible truth to strengthen your daily Christian life. Please let us know if you're enjoying these brief teachings from the word of God or if you have a prayer request. You can write us at: we would very much enjoy your comments and would feel very privileged to pray with you concerning the needs of your life.


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