Getting Back To Normal

I have not written for the last month because of a trial in my own life. I was having real trouble with reading which I attributed to a change in vision due to the fact that the glasses I liked to wear when working on the computer at night were quite dated. (Most of my time working things like the blog and personal business are either early morning hours or late night hours) I wear contacts  during the day but at night and in the early morning I like to rest my eyes and wear corrective lens in the form of glasses.

The glasses I had were dated and I went in to get a new prescription and instead was told I had a cataract that really needed to be removed., As a result I have worked the last month to get the proper corrective lens for my eye. Surgery right now is not a good alternative for our budget. LOL I need a little time to save for the procedure.

I am pleased that my doctor was able to find a contact to correct my sight problems at least temporarily and I have had a new pair of glasses made that have returned my sight to all most normal. As a result I am now back on the computer and ready to go full steam ahead. I hope you will be blessed by what I am able to share in the next weeks on the blog,

Keep Looking Up!

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