Greater Works Shall Ye Do…

Greater Works Shall Ye Do…

Text:  [Jhn 14:12 KJV] 12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

As we think  about the promise of this verse,  we need to begin to  prepare our hearts so that God can use us to increase his kingdom by supernaturally using us to reach out to the world around us. That brings us to the point that we ask ourselves how can I have such power with God.

To have such power with God we must lay the foundation for an intimate relationship with Him! I think that involves several points that we need to incorporate into our lives.

Let me list them for you.

1. We must know who God is.

II. We must Know what God knows

III. We must See what God Sees

IV.  We must do what God does

In our morning services on Sunday at Fountain of Life, I am sharing from these points. We began by searching the scripture to find out who God says He is. He is not some distant identity who created us and now is some distant personality we cannot reach. God shows by the names He gives himself that He desires to be deeply involved in each of our lives. 

Before we can nurture the relationship with God that He wants us to have, we must gain an understanding of who He is! Who is God to you? Do you feel Him close to you? Are you confident that He cares for you? For that to be possible in your life, you must know who He is.

In the first verses of the Bible God begins to identify himself. He then continues to show who He is by revealing the  names that show the aspects of His person. There are some 16 in the Old Testament and there are over 50 names that describe Jesus in the New Testament. How many of them do you know?

It is only as you know who God is that you begin to learn what he can and will do in your life. If you do not know the names  that God gives to himself you are missing much of the richness that can be in your relationship with Him. 

In the days ahead we will look at some of those names as we try to learn more and more about Him. He is the only true God and we need to know who He says He is.

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