Priority # 2 Choose Positive Relationships!

After you lay the foundations of your life, you must build a strong building on your foundations.  I believe to have a good building you must develop good relationships. The first relationships we develop in life are with our families.  Many of us have healthy relationships with our families. We have had parents who supported us and we have loving siblings. With such a background we find relationships easily.

However, there are a large number of us who did not have a supportive home life.  Parents might have been missing or abusive and we had negative relationships as a result.  Often we have trouble establishing other relationships because of the negative feelings that come from such circumstances. The hurts from such an upbringing can hinder us as we try to relate to others.

Judging our relationships based on a difficult childhood can cause us to avoid relationships that can benefit us.  We all tend to judge others through the experiences we have had in our lives.  If we have had positive experiences we may reach out to others easily.  If we have been hurt by our experiences, we often pull back and it becomes difficult for us to finds friends or to even relate to other family members.

Good relationships will lead to many benefits in our lives. Do not let the circumstances that are hurtful to you govern how you approach others.  Look for people with whom you can have strong and creative relationships.  Surround yourself with people who are supportive and you will see yourself  as a successful person.

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