The Importance of Your Vote!

Your vote on November 3, 2020 may be the most important you have ever cast! Our nation has never seen such division. The very foundations of our democracy are under attack. We have always been known as one nation under God. Since the Obama administration that has been questioned and attacked. As a result the moral fiber of our society is in decay.

The political leaders on both sides of the aisle are spending little time trying to lead our nation into new success. They are too busy attacking one another and trying to destroy the credibility of their opposition. We have the seen the extremity and spread of hatred that has caused rioting and violence in our cities. We cannot condone the actions of some who have not performed their duties with integrity. Those actions have created strife and hatred. Yet violence and destruction are not the answer.

We at this junction are going to see our rights as citizens destroyed as a lack of respect for authority overrides our country. Civility is disappearing as there are accusations of racism creating destruction. We certainly must do better than we have in the past. But those who would pit one race against another are not serving our country but tearing it down. We must cast our vote on the side of law and order even though we are not perfect. I share the grief of those who have lost loved ones in the last months but we must learn from the mishaps not revert to people who cannot forgive. We must make constructive changes that improve our circumstances not try to lay; blame on each other.

Get Out and Vote for those who will make change that will once again return us to a safe and peaceful nation!

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