What is Man…

Psalms 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

So many people in our society struggle with their self esteem.They ask the question that the writer of the Psalms penned many years ago.  He asked of the Creator, "What is man that you would think of him?  The self esteem of human beings is from the basement to the penthouse. Some think they are not worthy of anything and others think they are so special that the world should bow as they pass by.

One emotion causes mankind to feel unworthy of the blessings of God and the other causes a man or woman to look down on the rest the world.  Both feelings are wrong. God did not create us to be overly proud nor did he make us to feel like doormats for others to wipe their feet on.

Each of us is a unique creation of God! As such we are continually in His mind. He watches every action that we take. He has created us only a little lower than the angels and desires us to be as His children. We need to respect God's place in our lives and we need to hold ourselves in such esteem that we can accept His blessing.

You are God's creation… the work of His hands. Establish who you are in Him and learn to love yourself even as Jesus loved you and gave Himself for you! Then you can declare with the Psalmist, "O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!"

Keep Looking Up!



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