A New Beginning!

It has been 8 months since I posted to this blog.  The last months have been some of the most challenging of my life.  And yet I have learned much about the stability and hope that God can put in my life.  In January, my wife’s mother who was 91 had to be put on hospice care.  She had lived with us for 8 years but in January her battle with alsheimers became severe and she did not leave her bed after early January.  I want to thank Hospice of the Pines of Dewey, Arizona for their faithful support.  With their help Nancy’s Mother was able to stay in her room at our home until the time of her death.

Nancy and I discovered during the those months that God was sufficient in his comfort and in his provision.  We pretty much dropped all activities during this time including the writing of articles for this blog and other online activities.  I am now going to begin to post to the blog again and hope that many of our friends will return to visit us.

I am going to begin slowly but hope to post regularly and will trust that I can add some good thoughts to the lives of those who read what we place here.

I will look forward to communicating with you in these next days.

Keep Looking Up!


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