Fires In Arizona

As most of  you know we live in the mountains of Arizona.  Yesterday we had several fires started by lightning in areas around our vicinity.  As a result  our community is in mourning today! We lost 19 young elite firefighters who were from the Hotshot team based in Prescott, Arizona.  They were battling on the front lines of the Yarnell Hill fire that is  burning just south of us.  There are only 100 such teams through the country and average age of these young men was only 22 years.  We covet your prayers for the families that suffered loss and also for God to protect those who are still on the front lines.  The fire is now reported to cover some 8000 acres and has destroyed approximately 250 structures. Thank you for your intercession!

Keep Looking Up!


There are several other fires that need your prayers that they will be brought under control but the Yarnell Hill fire is by far the most tragic!

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