Get Those Priorities In Order!

We all need to find the proper priorities in life.  Without proper priorities life is filled with chaos and confusion. Here I am not talking about a daily list of activities. I am referring to those foundations in your life that will guide you into making good decisions. Decisions that will bring the success and happiness that you desire.

It is possible that you are frustrated by your current relationships and responsibilities.  If so let me encourage you to take a look at your priorities.  I believe there is a definite order for the basic foundations on which you must build your life.

In this post let’s try to deal with the first priority of every life.  I believe if you are going to find happiness and success you must establish a spiritual foundation.  It is the cornerstone upon which all other things in your life will rest. Without a strong spiritual foundation all other accomplishments in life will be empty.  It is your spiritual beliefs that give your other desires and accomplishments meaning.

For me that foundation and first priority is my Christian faith.  The knowledge of Jesus Christ as a personal Savior and mentor is what gets me through the tough times.  It sets the rest of my life in order.  My other foundations or priorities are based on the teachings of the Bible that mentor me in my decision making process.

What priorities are you setting in your life? What belief system helps you make right decisions in that decision making process?  We will look at that process and the setting of proper priorities in our next posts.

Keep Looking Up!



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