God Is Our Refuge

Psalm 46:1  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

How often the circumstances of life seem so overwhelming. When the  unexpected happenings of life cause our hearts to be dark. We often turn to friends for support and strength. A good word, A kind action or just a smile can often lift up our spirit.

However, sometimes  the faithful  support of a good friend is not enough. It is in those times of great difficulty that the words of the Psalmist ring in our ears.  “God is our Refuge”!

When the earth has done its best and it is not enough where can we turn? There is only one other who can help us!  It is then that men remember their creator.  There is nothing that is beyond Him.  His power and majesty overcome  the most evil   attacks of this society.  Cruel words and actions of men are of no consequence when God speaks from his  throne.

It is so easy to let our minds focus on the problems of our society, or the difficulties at work, or even the complexities of raising a family. In those times remember that you can turn to God as your refuge. He is our strength, our help in times of trouble.

When you are faced with that which seems impossible, turn to the God who created you! He will answer your prayer if you will call on Him!


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