Great is Our God…

Mic 7:18  There is no other god like you, O LORD; you forgive the sins of your people who have survived. You do not stay angry forever, but you take pleasure in showing us your constant love.
Mic 7:19  You will be merciful to us once again. You will trample our sins underfoot and send them to the bottom of the sea!
Mic 7:20  You will show your faithfulness and constant love to your people, the descendants of Abraham and of Jacob, as you promised our ancestors long ago.

Our world and its leaders think they have great power but there is no other God but our God.  When we seek forgiveness and come into right relationship with God, He shows us His mercy and brings victory to us in a world full of egos that think they do not need Him.  Great is the Lord Our God!

Keep Looking Up!


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