Have You Voted?

In a matter of days the election of a new administration to lead our nation will be upon us. I feel it is truly one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. Your vote is important and will help decide our success or failure. It is hard for me to grasp that we have those in our government who would embrace the socialist agenda of many countries. In doing so they would strip the freedoms that exist for your and me. 

This election is not only about politics, it is about our ability to bear arms as individual citizens. It is about how we worship and own property. It is about how we raise our children and a  multitude of other moral choices. This not a time for racial division and hatred. It is a time when we need to unite to vote for those who support our freedom as a people. 

I believe your vote and mine will decide if the United States with all its imperfections will continue to be the greatest place to live in the world or whether we will become a second rate copy of other countries that offer so much less.

My prayer is that our freedoms may continue and that we will have an opportunity to right our wrongs. Let us together black, white, Hispanic, and all other nationalities in our land work to make America truly a nation of Liberty and A Bastion for the Free!

Keep Looking Up!


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