Let Freedom Ring!

It greatly troubles me that we are seeing the foundations of our society challenged by those who do not appreciate our freedoms and prosperity. We certainly are an imperfect people but if we treat each other civily and confront the ills of our land with reason, we can overcome every problem. There is no one race or nationality that rules and reigns over another. We are all created by God!

There needs to be change in many areas but that will not be accomplished by rioting and hatred. Change will not be legislated successfully by men and women in our govenment who cannot even treat each other with respect. We must set aside selfish goals and work together for the good of all. It does not matter to me what your color or nationality, I can live with you as my friend and neighbor if we share mutual respect. Just venting a few frustrations! We do not need to destroy our history we need to learn the lessons from it that can make us better! 

Let Freedom Ring as we grow together into an even greater society/

Keep Looking Up!


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