Priority # 1 –What are my foundations?

In His teachings  Jesus describes a house built on the sand and says it will surely fall. We know that to be true. I have been in old homes where the there is no proper foundation and the home is slowly crumbling. Also I have seen the videos of homes built on unstable soil being washed into the Ocean or falling down the side of a ravine. Many are beautiful but they are victims of the instability of their foundations.

Life is like that! The first priority of life is make sure we have a good foundation for what we want to become.  It is a real problem for us because in our youth we could care less about our foundations.  Most of us are more concerned about having fun or participating in sports or other activities we find interesting.

Suddenly we find that we are past the teen years and we have no idea what life is really about. Sure college after high school or a job and the establishing of life long relationships become a reality, but we are a nation of frustrated workers and broken relationships.

The question is how do we develop a good foundation.  Your foundation is wrapped around what you accept as your core beliefs. Your foundation is the strength of your moral fiber, your approach to other people, the heart of your desires, and most of all the ability to be true to yourself.  It is where you become comfortable in your own skin.

That foundation is where the actions of your life are born.  It is the philosophy by which you live. It is the way you relate to the other people in your life. It is the  place in which your loyalties are born and where ideas of love and hate are birthed. It will either contribute to your success or cast you into the pit of failure.

You must establish a strong foundation if you are going to have a happy successful life.

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